The NOCN, the most reputable Awarding Organisation in the UK, awards the Computer Based Exams ESOL International Qualifications of the 4th Industrial Age.

The Format and principles are the same with the Paper Based exams - Candidates are awarded a certificate based on their performance.

Candidates sitting the exam who are unfamiliar with the format or are used to reading the entire test before answering any questions, can practice with the Exam Preparation Software that mimics the Computer Based Exams. Our CB Exams are well-structured - anyone taking the test can dive straight in and start answering the questions.

Being one of our official CB examination centres you have the same benefits and privileges as all our partners.

  • The Computer Based Exams are more convenient to take.
  • The Computer Based Exams are primarily intended for adult learners, and are flexible on exam dates throughout the year.
  • You will have access to demo tests in order to prepare for the actual exam.
  • The testing environment is user-friendly.
  • The use of headphones is required for the listening part. You can therefore adjust the volume to meet your needs.
  • A word processor is available to attempt the writing part, with the spellchecker disabled. It supports background and foreground colour adjustments.
  • The Computer Based Exams are the best solution for candidates who feel more comfortable with a keyboard and a mouse rather than with a pencil and paper. Ideal for adults who want to certify their knowledge fast.
  • The Speaking exam is conducted on the same day, upon completion or before the CB Exam, by our trained oral examiners.
  • Fast & Easy 3-step procedure:
    • Registration
    • Exam
    • Results
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